Dark Gothic Drawings

by Chuck Morten

Gothic Art

Gothic Art

Kids today seem to like Dark Gothic art and Drawings... I guess there must be a kind of mystery about them, the darkness of the unknown could be the attraction.

Strange, but some of the top novels for teens currently are love stories about vampires being in love with a humans. Isn't it a little like "you can't have it" that makes it more desirable? It reminds me of the prohibition era although I wasn't around at that time,—when you can't have something it becomes "Must have it!"

Dark art can mean so many things of the unknown, the mysteries deep in our unconscious mind, those crazy dreams we get sometimes when everything seems so unreal.

Gothic art drawings are basically symbols from artists' minds representing animals with deformed bodies, human forms grossly exaggerated with a transplanted spider's head (something like one of Rene Magritte's paintings)

Vampire and Zombie movies are quite popular today but sadly the scriptwriters push the same old theme and it is only those special effects created by Hollywood's artists that hold it together.

There are many websites devoted to dark art that have an erotic theme as sex and mysticism go hand in glove. If you visit some of the Hentai (Japanese) sites, although the drawings are excellent, the ideas are not. I like to see things in a clean light to enjoy it.

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Apr 11, 2012
My Kids
by: Geoff Gudger

Hey, I entirely agree with your comments about "can't have" when it becomes "Must have."

I have two teenage daughters and my wife is constantly yelling at them that they "can't do this or that" and of course the kids rebel at that. They just do the opposite.

I've tried to explain to my wife about this but she does not understand the principles of why it is not a good idea. Her usual comments is the kids do not understand.

Okay, so this is more philosophical than about drawing but to me it is an important lesson and is applicable in all walks of life.

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