Developing Your Artistic Skills

by Jollyon Hooley

Cool Sketch of Bird

Cool Sketch of Bird

Do you know one of the most important steps to take in developing your art? These steps are your creative resources hidden and dormant in your subconscious mind.

Sometimes when you are asked to draw something from your imagination, you probably get a blockage and start doodling.

If you “doodle” you’d be following these sub-conscious impulses with little to no artistic quality. But that’s okay. Doodles vary as much as any other art form, like “self-expression.”

The real pros who are confident of their skills, improvise freely while placing a value on their unique characteristics—when they follow the dictates of their mind which can be very compulsive and usually create delightful drawings so the artistic ‘blockage’ can be inspirational for further creativity.

If you are really stuck on what to draw, your best bet is to improvise, start off doodling without thinking of anything specifically.

You will then become more thoughtful as you “see” things, shapes and so on in your doodles. Try it out and load your results on the site here.

Jollyon Hooley
June 2016

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