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The Devil at Large on Computer Writing Devilish DeedsThe Devil at Large on Computer Writing Devilish Deeds

Contrary to most people's expectations, devil drawings can come in a variety of mediums, sizes, styles and even genres. In fact, sketches of demons and devils don't have to be serious, such as the stigma of devils being part of cult worships or being related to the Gothic culture.

From tattoos and body ink to wallpapers and drawings on shirts, there are a variety of ways you can depict and sketch devils, depending on the mood of the drawing or the medium being used. Decide what effect you are trying to create first...a frightening devil, a chilling devil, alluring, risqué or drop-dead scary?

Is it an angel out to lead you to the right path or a devil that's just waiting to sway you to the dark side? We all love to see the dark side, it has a mystery pulling us to it like a magnet! She-devils try this with their racy undertones.

If you've ever wondered what you would get if you cross an angel with a devil, it would probably be a seductive devil-parading angel —or an innocent looking cherub face with a deceptive tail lurking behind her back.

Funny Devils
Want to inject a darker side to humor? Depicting devils in a more humorous manner rather than keeping it serious and dark all the time can put a new spin to sketching these funny devils. Draw the dark side against some character who is light and funny, this always goes down well.

This is My Rendition of a sexy devilSexy Devil

Sexy Devils
Demons are said to be bearers of temptation, which makes drawing them in a sexy manner even more appealing to some artists.

Most sexy devils are portrayed as women, mostly because they can exude the seductive appeal in various ways. Some can use devil drawings of girls in red corsets and other alluring gear.

There are also others who use anime devil girls with flowing hair in short dresses or even tempting lingerie to portray a seductress.

Anime Devils
A highly popularized form of art, Japanese animation has been popular in television and manga (Japanese version of comics or cartoons).and is now the most popular comic form globally.

The character design has evolved since its inception, but the most commonly known design of anime would be the unique eye style, which can show a variety of emotions and facial expressions that depict the mood of the story. Try this when drawing your devils.

Anime devils can depict both girls and guys as devils, with outfits ranging from fantastical wardrobes to more modernized ones.

Chibi Devils
Taking off from the idea of Japanese animations, one can also try out sketching chibi devils. From the term "small child," chibi refers to the characterization of a person or an animal in a cute way.

In doing devil drawings in this style, you can depict devils in the style of "super deformed" Japanese anime characters which have an oversized head, stubby limbs, and cue big eyes to show humor and cuteness. You can wrap up this cuteness by drawing a touch of the dark side.

A Chibi Devil is usually depicted with stubby horns instead of sharp, elongated ones, and wings and a tail that are more rounded around the edges, giving it a soft and cuddly appearance—but you would not like to wrap your arm around him!

Writing up the Devil DeedsWriting up the Devil Deeds

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