Do you have a desire to create your own comics: Web Comics?

by Jollyon Hooley

My Super Hero

My Super Hero

So do you have a passion for drawing comics with your own cartoon characters like super heroes?

Can you Imagine creating, drawing, and coloring-in your own comics giving you a full time income from it? I think that would be pretty cool. Getting paid well for what you love to do is cool!

Are you at a skill level where you can draw the human figure realistically? Or have you only started drawing recently and have to go through a rather sharp learning curve? If that is the case you can still make it with Marvel or Disney comics if you are prepared to really get down to a little drawing practice.

Perhaps you’ve never had a drawing mentor? Well, there are several people on this site who can help you with developing your drawing skills.

You do not have to worry anymore about being discovered by Marvel Comics! Anyone can now publish their own comics from beginning to the end. If you have the drawing skills but lack writing story lines, you can always outsource it with or

There’s a big new world out there waiting to discover YOUR creative comics. And it’s quite easy. Go check out Manga, Anime drawings at your local bookstore. Some of these Japanese artists are so good you can learn much from them not only their drawings but some of the stories are really great also.

It is best for you to start out by letting your imagination run wild with your pencil and sketchbook. Start to draw people of all shapes and sizes, some fat others thin, some ugly others beautiful. There is nothing stopping you from creating really gorgeous people to the downright ugly. You need to be master of both types, right?

Jolly Hooley
June 2016

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