Do You Know Monet, the French Impressionist?

by Jollion Hooley

Basic Color Wheel

Basic Color Wheel

When Monet decided to stick to a few landscape (well, more than a few, LOTS) he stopped painting in his studio and worked totally outdoors - in the rain and wind, in the snow or any bad weather condition. He was a tough old bird!

He made intensive studies of the seasons, time of the day with the changing light! His aim was to recapture the shimmer of light over warm fields, the refraction of color on the clouds, mists, and undulating water.

He used the cold and warm colors rather than light or dark - the light-dark contrast emphasized by earlier paintings is succeeded by cold-warm colors. This was a really intensive study making him one of the great impressionists.

Monet, Pissaro and Renoir's enchantment was achieved by the play of warm and cold colors. Take a leaf out of his knowledge and develop your landscapes like Monet.

TIP: We can call 2 colors complementary if their pigments, mixed together - give you a neutral gray. They are opposite and therefore incite each other - and annihilate each other!

Try this tip and watch your landscape paintings take off at the local galleries. You will learn much from experimenting with opposite colors.

If you have any questions, please shoot an email through to me, I'd be happy to help out.

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