Do You Love To Paint Beach Scenes?

by Jehova Bernstein
( Malibu Beach CA)

Durban South Beach

Durban South Beach

Do you love to paint or draw beach scenes? Yeah, me too. And to loaf or sunbathe and play in the surf?

I have a pile of beach drawings and sketches which are abstract mainly and unrecognizable sketches of great beaches in Durban, South Africa. Mostly of people doing their own thing with surfboards, windsurfing, and kids playing in the surf.

The most interesting are people strolling along, playing volleyball and other sports. My most successful paintings are fishermen strolling along with their fishing gear with reflections in the surf.

Many of my paintings are from my imagination which turns out better than trying to paint the real thing.

If you are going to sketch the beach, put the horizon line about a third from the top. Then place another faint line about another third - so you have your sketch divided into three. The first third will be the sea, the second the beach or sand - and the last one, the foreground.

See rough image here. draw in a few palm trees to link all three portions together - it is a way to unite the entire picture. Try and keep your palm leaves the same as in the illustration - and the texture in the tree trunks.

Now you need a few focal points, so place a few people somewhere on the beach but NOT in the center. Then balance it with a hang-glider in the surf. This is an easy scene to draw so play around with it a fill in with your imagination.

Jehova Bernstein
Malibu Beach CA

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Oct 23, 2017
Paint Beach Scenes
by: Muskan

So lovely and very helpful to learn how to draw....... thank u.

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