Do You Prepare Your Sketches For Your Artwork?

by Joseff Blontski
(Medona )

Artist At His Easel

Artist At His Easel

Do You Prepare Your Sketches For Your Artwork? If so, you need a sketchbook as I've mentioned before.

You will need to prepare basic sketches in a sketchbook - the ring binder type so you can flip pages when trying various media like soft and hard pencils, crayons, charcoal and many other types of markers.

And you want to keep them clean with no smudges or marks.

Your sketchbook should not be too large because your images, the sketchy ones, will be a bit larger than a postage stamp.

I regret not having a sketchbook in my early days of drawing and sketching because I have lost many IMO good drawings that eventually went into the trash bin.

When you jot down small drawings they are less imposing on your creativeness - you kinda do not care if it is a mess or not- you can always do another one, right?

So get into the sketch book habit, you will not regret it. And many artists do day toss out your camera and go with a sketch-book. Note; you cannot use a camera as creatively with subtleties of tone and value.

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