Do You Want To Be a Painter?

by Meline Mathis
(Ft Knox)

Tribal Image

Tribal Image

Have you just started out to become a painter?
It is great whatever inspired you to pick up a brush and canvas!

If you can watch over a guru’s shoulder to see exactly how that specific technique is used to create a masterpiece!
You can even get a top line artist to guide your brush over the canvas in easy steps as YOU do all the painting! This can be loads of fun as YOUR masterpiece takes shape before your very eyes.

This tutorial from the master tutor will include what colors to use as well as depth of color (lightness or darkness of a color) although you should have a knowledge of color elements which helps to kick-start your career.

Get to know what the primary colors are, the secondary’s and tertiaries are before you start your course. This is fairly easy if you read up on these three definitions.

Okay, decide now what genre of painting you are passionate about, what style of painting do you like most? That could be abstract, modern, contemporary, impressionist, expressionism, or even classical tradition. You can get a style between any of these e.g. modern-abstract etc.

Once you have decided on the style you like, you then search on the internet for the BEST artist who is a master of his/her techniques. Some of these courses on painting are not cheap – and you can even get some for free. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Example; you like Jackson Pollock’s dribble paintings and the way he splashes paint on the canvas and uses anything as a brush – it could be a rag, paper or cut-away sponge!

Now what you want to search for is “what is his feedback like?” Are his students happy and creating professional-looking paintings? If you read lots of glorious feedback, you’ve got the right guy as your teacher!

Do NOT go for feedback or referrals from reviews, they are not always honest. Spend a bit of time doing research if you are going to be a full blown professional artist.

Every professional artist will have his or her own way of doing things, each artist is unique in his/her own way both in paint application and color.

After a few lessons in painting, you will soon know if the pro artist is alright for you.

The right guru will launch you into stardom and we’ll see your work on display at the top NY galleries!

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Nov 12, 2016
Want to be a painter?
by: Jollyon Hooley

Yes, some useful pointers here if you are thinking of making art as your full-time career!

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