Does Your Art Equipment Suck?

by Jollyon Hooley
(Fenton, Missouri)

Artist at Work

Artist at Work

Art colleges supply equipment and materials in their workshops but not all of them!

Every student is expected to possess the basic stuff to be able to be creative from the start. You should have materials to handle painting, drawing with a host of other implements to be able handle many projects decided on by your teacher.

Projects you have already mastered does not need to be purchased, as you are in college to learn many differing skills.

Also, you will discover (if not already) that art materials cost and arm and a leg! When you can afford it go for top quality materials.

There is a very large range of products available online and it is advisable not to buy too much in the early stages: You don’t know yet which direction you are heading!

For Your Basic Projects, What materials do you need?

This must include a good range of materials for your drawing skills. You’ll need a range of pencils ranging from hard (H) and soft (B) grades.

I suggest getting yourself some medium to soft charcoal which is a less precise medium for drawing. It is good for blocking in large areas without detail. Also, charcoal can get a bit smudgy. . .so wear surgical gloves.

Another tool in your arsenal will be Indian ink, mainly used with a brush giving you bold and very black detail. You can get subtle ranges of grey to create wonderful effects.

Felt tip pens and markers

These markers give you much more freedom when designing rough layouts. And gouache will fit into this category which is very versatile medium with layers of coloured watery effects.

Some effects are not easy to control for the inexperienced painter.

Other tools you will need for various projects
Utility knife, scalpel, scissors, metal ruler, compasses, set squares, T-square, solid drawing board, a few ring-bound sketch-books for recording your ideas; erasers, palette knives and a range of brushes. Don’t go overboard with your brushes until you become a master at handling oil paint and watercolor.

Jollyon Hooley

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