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My Little Scottie DogMy Little Scottie Dog

Dog Sketches

These Dog Sketches are for dog lovers who have a passion for drawing dogs and would like to find a few tips for getting a great likeness of their dog.

It has often been said that after a while, dog owners kinda take on the personalities of their owners and I guess there’s some truth in this as long as they don’t take on the appearance of their owners.

Don’t you think then, that it should be fairly easy to draw your pet, to get a good likeness with a hint of your personality? Let’s go for it.

What we’ll do is to start off with the basics using sketchy outlines, look at the wire structure (outlines) as you’ll see here in the illustrations below, then look at the form or mass of the animal in three dimensions (as this applies to all animals) then add a few finishing details.

We’ll start off with the Scottish Terrier which is fairly simple to draw. First the head shape which is almost rectangular, and the basic body outline as you can see in these diagrams above. Most of the basic shapes are almost rectangular which you can easily sketch in as shown in number one.

Now have a look at number two, there is a slight curve from his ears, along his back to his tail. Draw in the ears and tail. To start giving Fido a 3D effect, put a little shading on the two farside legs.

How to draw a dogHow To Draw a Dog
How to draw a dog
How to draw a dog
How to draw a dogHow To Draw a Dog

Your drawing should look something like number three. Rub out your original guidelines and start shading in as on number four. A scottish Terrier usually has quite a lot of coarse hair underneath both the belly and under the chin—and of course they all have a beard. Some of these breeds have hair down to the ground as you can see in number 4 drawing.

There are more dog sketches below of various breeds.

How to draw a dogThese three are all Scottish Terriers
The easy way to Draw a DogHow To Draw a Dog
The easy way to Draw a Dog

The easy way to Draw a DogMy Husky Dog, My Workhorse here in Alaska
The easy way to Draw a DogHow To Draw a Dog

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