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How To Draw Cartoon Characters By Exaggeration

In every story there's always a character, and with every character there's always this set of characteristics associated with them. It might be height, eye colors, hair style or even fashion.

Even as kids we would always come up with original characters like Mister Bun Bun or Miss Fantastic (or whatever names you came up because it was extremely cool).

 Even when creating characters for board role play games or online role plays, character creation has been the heart of every story, except that board games do have standard characteristics unlike online forum role play boards. Often, we get too inspired and start drawing them rather than writing them down.

Basic Ideas To Draw Cartoon Characters
First and foremost, the basic tools you'll need to design a character is a pencil, an eraser, and your sketch pad (whichever is most convenient for you), probably a scratch paper to scribble a few things and lots of imagination. Next is how you want your character to look such as skin color, height, how voluptuous or skinny they are, eye color, hairstyle and nationality (if it applies).

Make use of reference images especially if you are not experienced in character making. Your favorite artists in DeviantArt or your favorite TV show is a good start as everything has to begin from humble beginnings.

But do take note on the emphasis on the word reference as there's a fine line between tracing, carbon-copying and referencing.

It is great to have taken some sort of inspiration from others' but being original is way better and much more appreciated. Also part of this stage is his or her personality, in which it is a major aspect in making a character.

Design Away!
Now, draw your own cartoon character; one can take different approaches. Some of the recommended ways on character designing are the "Stick and Joint" or "Basic Shape." Some anime series like Pokemon and Digimon, and Disney characters are often created using the latter part and is most recommended for starters.

The former though is a bit advanced but will make posing a lot easier. First you start with basic shapes, usually a circle for the head, and oblong for the body. Then draw a couple of guidelines to get the proportions of the face and body right.

Symmetry is important and crucial part of designing a character. You don't want a character that looks lifeless like a piece of driftwood now do you?

Once you've have the basic parts drawn out correctly, like the positioning of the hands and such, it's time to work in with the detailing. Going as far as exaggerating some characteristics is quite welcome as this shows how much imagination and thought was given to the character.

Coloring your character design to give more feel to it is an added bonus. With this you have to be very keen with the color wheel and a good knowledge about your complimentary colors as to make sure that none of the colors you select from your character’s eyes down to their shoes would clash. 

If you're not satisfied with your work, don't give up! Take a small break then pick up that pencil and try again! As they say, practice makes perfect.

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