Draw Landscapes With Ease

How To Draw
Landscapes the Easy Way

If you follow along with me here, you will learn how to draw landscapes the easy way doing these simple steps.

A Sketch of Trees showing a House among them

Landscapes can be seen and visualized in so many ways with rolling hills, winding trails, clusters of farm houses peeping across the valley, streams of flowing water rushing between the rocks and a plethora of natural fauna.

As a focal point you might want to use an animal standing next to the barn door - if in your opinion it looks interesting. Or perhaps that "gaggle of geese" making all that noise (Yes, I know it is not "gaggle" it is just a bit of fun really). Then there is the smelly pig shed that could be a "pride of pigs" or even a hassle of hens or a bundle of hay. 

I've just had a thought about Monsanto, GMO and corn fields; (I'm sure you've all heard of GMO? Right?) Genetically Modified...so we could have "The Magnitude of Monsanto GMO corn as a landscape but that would not fit into our quest for a great page on How to Draw Landscapes With Ease, would it? Have you any ideas what will fit in here?

As an artist going out into the country looking for wonderful scenery you will notice you do not have to go far with your pencil and sketchpad to get some really creative ideas never been seen before! 

I will be putting in a few drawings here to make it easy for you get an idea - also later a video clip which shows exactly how it is done.

Okay, so where do we start? As a beginner or maybe not, here are some useful tips to get great landscape compositions. Get a few rough ideas of the landscape before you, sketch them in roughly - you do not want a finished drawing in your sketchpad AKA sketchbook.

With these small 2x3 inch thumbnail sketches, you will only need to use three tones or values (light, middle and black) and they are WHITE, your paper, MIDDLE will be grey and BLACK, your darkest tone.

The grey is exactly halfway between what and black. So you will only require a 2B grade pencil of quality for your rough thumbnails sketches. For grey, you use the black pencil but only lightly shaded. Yes, that right - you only need ONE pencil, a 2B.

Now you need to get out your viewfinder. WHAT? What's that!? You mean you have not got a viewfinder? And what's it for? Okay, ALL PROS use a viewfinder, and as you don't have one, let's go and MAKE ONE.

Get a picture postcard or cut out a thick card the same size as a postcard (5x7 inches) Next, cut out a rectangle hole in the middle (about 2.5x4 inches) So now you should have a cardboard frame which is your viewfinder.

With your viewfinder you will go out into the countryside, find a nice spot and hold your viewfinder at arms length and move it around until you have selected a scene you find interesting. Make a thumb-sketch of it using ONLY your three tones (values).

Now hold your viewfinder with your arm bent (about a foot away from your face). You may well find the scenes before you look more interesting. Find a distance with your viewfinder which is comfortable for you.

You will discover a ton of scenes to draw, make at lease a dozen and pick out the best for your painting.

Another tip when drawing your masterpieces is to half close your eyes to eliminate detail - so you see the image as a slight blur.

I will be adding more images to this page; Draw Landscapes With Ease

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