How To Draw Picture Art

With Simplicity and Ease

outline drawing of bird

Why on earth would anyone want to Draw Picture art in this day and age? It is, after all, so simple to produce a rendering on a computer screen, with a little help from a graphics program.

Well, if ya want us to draw ya a picture (hardee har har) of why sketching is such an important, useful and potentially enjoyable (hey it's possible, right?:)) skill, then let me explain the value and outright magic of hand-composed art.

 When you learn to Draw Picture art, you are gaining a valuable skill that will help you greatly during your school years. Of course you'll be required to draw in art class; but the skill of artistic composition may also come in handy in courses such as drafting, science (where you may be asked to produce sketches of an atom, or to outline the concepts of a science project), biology (where the teacher might want you to do a rendering that shows the organs of the human body—an admittedly yucky but educational assignment), drama (you might be asked to sketch a scale version of a play set before building the real deal), or even reading (in which you might have to come up with an image based on a story read in class).

After graduation, you may choose to pursue art as a career. Or you may select a profession, like teaching, architecture, advertising, police work or construction, which involves some degree of creative skill in these areas.

Athletes and sports coaches sketch out their play prior to their games.

As an added bonus, the ability to draw picture art always comes in handy in your personal and family life as well. Whether you are inking out a map that will show a friend or relative how to reach a particular destination, or a gift portrait that depicts the face of someone you love (sappy beyond belief, we know, but it would make a nice present), you can put your artsy skills to work for you.

So have we convinced you as to the great importance—not to mention the out and out coolness—of learning to draw? Awesome!

Now here are some tips that will help you come up with a great hand-composed image, regardless of what specifically you decide to draw:

Rough sketch of Chinese man
  • First pick a subject that intrigues you, that you will really enjoy drawing. This could you be your favorite flower, a summer beach scene, a character from your favorite comic book; if you select a focus that truly interests you, then it will make it so much easier for you to stick with and truly excel at the project.
  • Elaborating on this point, it would help to have a photo of your subject in front of you as you work. This will let you capture all of the details and ideas that you want to convey in your final product.
  • Start your work with a sketch of the 'big picture,' most literally. Commit to paper the major lines and shapes that make up your subject, putting them together at just the right angles to recreate that central focus, in the most realistic manner possible.
  • Finally, shade in the fine details and the color that will bring your drawing alive!
  • More here on how to draw a picture to help you on your way to great drawings.
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