Drawing and Sketching
and My Response

by Sengen Marpan

Yes, I like to draw and sketch but I do not like copying the masters...I dd not think some of them were all that good anyway.

No question, there ARE great drawings out there, some of them very inspiring.

Just take a look at some of them; for example Renoir's drawings. They really are not that good but his paintings are better but not an awful lot better.

Check out Degas, his drawings are outstanding and carry quite an impact on me, especially his horse drawings.

Another truly great artiest is Schiele, he knew exactly how much to exaggerate the human form. I was surprised to see his paintings in Amsterdam as they were so small. Looking through his artwork always gave me the impression they were quite large. Not so.

It was such a tragedy to the art world when he passed away at such a young age.

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