Drawing and Sketching Tips of The Day (1)

by Jollyon Hooley

Rembrandt Drawing (really, a cool portrait drawing!

Rembrandt Drawing (really, a cool portrait drawing!

Hi Fellow Artists and Friends, I had this idea to share a little knowledge on Drawing and sketching that you can use to take your abilities up a level or two.

These will be very short articles on some of the basics so if you are a pro (earn a living through your art) then these tips are not for you.

Okay, here we go: The most import thing to know well are your drawing materials; What pencils are in your toolbox?

You should have at least an HB and a 2B pencil. The HB is for rough quick drawings and the 2B give a nice black line - and the line can be varied on how much pressure you use.

Practice this daily using your 2B very lightly then much hard pressure to where you almost break the lead.

Keep your pencils sharp -always for a nice "clean" drawing" (don't go over your lines repeatedly, keep it simple) Then your drawing will look far more professional.

Let me know if you need any help! And thank you for contributing to this site.

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