Drawing Cartoon Faces

Follow Along With These Four Steps

It's Easier Than You Think

Three 3D shapes to show 3D effects3D shapes to show 3D effects

Drawing cartoon faces can be a real hoot! You have the ability to create a funny cartoon of anyone simply by exaggerating one or more facial features.

Anyone can draw a cartoon even if you've never picked up a pencil in your life. It is fabulous to get laughs from your drawings of friends or family. And, if you are really good, you can make a few bucks from them.

Follow along with these four basic shapes of the head, copy if you like and then draw your own character after a little practice. 


Start off with the above cartoon drawing, then copy some of the other cartoon images here.

Okay, so you have never picked up a pencil since leaving Grade 5—so let's start with you first, like this:

  • Draw a rough oval or roundish shape as in the example below—do this in one continuous line please, without taking your pencil off the paper. This line can be wobbly, wavy, wonky or whatever. It's a cartoon so it doesn't matter.
  • Now, with the basic head shape in place, we can decide on the shape of his nose. This can be large (in comparison to the head size you've drawn) or it can be small, bent, round, flat—it matters not. Plonk this shape in the middle somewhere but again, it does not matter where you put it.
  • Draw in his eyes, these can be slits (just a straight line) a small dot or blob, ellipses, like Simpson's, or whatever your imagination can come up with. Initially keep it simple but experiment as you get more proficient.
  • His mouth should fall underneath his nose somewhere. (Did I hear you say "Duh!" Okay, sorry.) Another straight line will do or a curve upwards (smile) or a downward curve or a taught mouth for a scowl. You can draw a mouth in a million different ways and all of them would look cool.
  • Add ears that can be any shape or size, bulbous or flat, wrinkled or hairy—it's a cartoon, so make it funny.
  • Baldies can be funny so add hair on the side hanging around his ears, or give him a full head of hair. Maybe you could try a hat?
  • A few simple steps useful in the great world of drawing cartoon faces.
Cartoon FacesCartoon Faces with varying features

There are no rules except to keep your cartoon faces as simple as possible. Take a look at Glasbergen (the well-known cartoonist) for absolute simplicity of style. One of the most useful tools a cartoonist can have is a collection of pictures on anything and everything you can think of.

Get busy with some fabulous cartoon faces and load them up here for other folk to enjoy.

In these three characters, notice the features and hairstylesIn these three characters, notice the features and hairstyles

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