Drawing Creatures From The Dark

by Silvia Pattern

I love drawing creatures from the dark because there is a mystery about them—like not knowing where they came from, why they are here and what is their basic purpose. I've never come up with a valid answer.

I think of them as being ethereal, of belonging to the graveyards of yesterday with a hint of their former life (carried over by their etheric double)

This reminds me of the three ghosts in Dickens "A Christmas Carol." where these ghosts took on an ethereal image of their former self. To me, this is fascinating stuff!

We always seems to think of "dark creatures" as being evil and "light beings" as good. I think some dark creatures are pretty good, depends on your viewpoint.

All the dark creatures I've seen have been mainly Gothic with contorted bodies and limbs, abstract animals with partial humanoid forms and grotesque attachments (appendages) making these look evil which spawns Hollywood producers to create B-class movies to aim at Gals like me who simply love ark art.

My fascination with these is because I seem to have a connection which stems from my brief stint as a makeup helper to a mortician (hey, the pay was really good) in a well-known undertaker.

Okay, I was zonked out over the death biz and hooked on corpses where they seem to have a sort of "life" of their own almost as if they are there but aren't! I could write a lot about this as it is mostly surreal, it still is for me.

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