Drawing Fantasy in Mutant and Cloned Humans

by Mike Dubrovnic

Mutant Drawing Fantasy

Mutant Drawing Fantasy

We all have our own fantasies in so many different ways, some of us envision scene as you've seen in Harry Potter and also J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings.

Recently I've seen a bull cloned from various sources that scared the shit out of me! You may have seen it? The color was a ghastly pink with no apparent skin on it, bones protruding in all the wrong places and deformed as you've seen when an animal has "down syndrome." This creature was born and bred in the labs.

It's scary stuff! But we all like a little horror in our lives and that is why these horror comics are so popular. Mr Werewolf takes the number one position as he can change into any shape to suit your nightmares. Whereas Dracula, Zombies and vampire stuff is not really scary. In fact some of these are the opposite of scary, they are downright funny.

I am into drawing stuff like mutants which are half human and half machine with a computer mind. Nothing as complex as "The Matrix" movie but it is where machines can eventually take over and humans will become servants of the machines. We'll just be drones with a number (like you have a number on your pc or mac).

You think the machines will not take over eh? Well, it can happen in YOUR lifetime because humans behave like idiots at times and the machines keep doubling up on their I.Q every minute - so how can you compete with that?

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