Drawing For Pleasure is important to me

by Michelle Branson
(Fort Worth)

Rough charcoal drawing

Rough charcoal drawing

I first began drawing as a child. I became more interested in drawing while I was in high school.

I had the opportunity to take several years of art classes where I received excellent instruction on form, line, and perspective.

The art teacher I had was a big inspiration and an excellent artist in his own right.

I first learned to draw still life objects, such as boxes, cones and fluid shapes like a piece of cloth. Then, I moved on to peoples’ bodies and faces. After that, I tackled drawing animals, which I admit is not my favorite.

I then began using my drawing abilities as a basis for planning paintings, first using watercolors, then acrylic paints.

I found that I enjoyed drawing and painting landscapes the best. I find inspiration in nature, although I have been inspired by photographs from magazines of natural scenery. I have drawn tropical scenes, winter scenes, country scenes, and mountain scenes.

All aspects, from the beginning of a project, to finishing it up are enjoyable to me. Drawing for pleasure has been important to me for decades and I now enjoy using my talents and abilities to help my children learn to draw.

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Jul 16, 2012
by: ViviTsa

I loved it. I am inspired from your work and would love to see more!

Apr 22, 2011
Getting further education
by: Kerry

Thanks Michelle for sharing your story. I have a son who loves drawing and painting but he will not spend the time learning more about his craft.

His father and I were prepared to pay for tuition at a university so he could more forward but his reply was it is a waste or time and money. He adds that some of the greatest old masters never went to college or university.

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