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Nature Sketch With Cross Thatch TechniqueNature Sketch With Cross Thatch Technique

There are few things more beautiful than natural scenes. 

While you might find a number of things attractive or enjoyable to look at, there is little that stacks up to an incredible sunset, a mountain range with icy peaks, or a waterfall crashing against the rocks below. You need never run out of ideas with Mother Nature to help you!

There are few things more beautiful than natural scenes. While you might find a number of things attractive or enjoyable to look at, there is little that stacks up to an incredible sunset, a mountain range with icy peaks, or a waterfall crashing against the rocks below.

Only nature has the ability to move us and inspire us to this extent which has so frequently served as the inspiration for poems, paintings and sketches. It stirs something primal and basal in us and it can sometimes move us to tears. What better to learn to create then - than stunning drawings of nature?

In fact, nature is so much a part of us that it even informs our idea of beauty and of aesthetic design. Did you know for instance, that color theory often relies on naturally occurring palettes? Designers will often take color combinations from photos of natural scenes and then use these to build web designs and interior décor!

It’s not by coincidence that nature sketches are so moving and attractive to us either. It is literally hardwired into us through thousands of years of evolution! If you only learn one type of drawing, nature is a great place to start.

Abstract drawing showing vine criss-crossing rocksAbstract drawing showing vine criss-crossing rocks
Abstract drawing showing rope end crossing rocksAbstract drawing showing rope end crossing rocks and forming a strong design

Two images of Drawing Nature in Organic Shapes

What will Make Great Drawings of Nature?

Drawing landscapes is one of the most popular options in this category and this could mean a beach, a forest, mountains or anything else. Often artists will use nature sketches in order to quickly capture a scene and put the image down on paper, when they get home they can turn this into a real work of art on canvas.  Carry a pad and a pencil with you so you can make your own nature sketches on short notice!

Another tip is to consider the composition of your drawing. Frame your shot like a photographer before you start taking it down – this way you can ensure you capture the drama, the scale and the feel of the place. Be certain to think of the foreground, the middle ground and the background which can help to give an image depth and interest. Think as well about where the eye will land first and how you’re going to lead them through the image – you DO KNOW the “Rule of Thirds?” Right?

Man and woman admiring NatureMan showing wife scenes of nature
Cross-hatching long grass in pen and inkCross-hatching long grass in pen and ink

Of course nature sketches not only include landscapes though! There are many other wonderful things that nature has to offer that make for fantastic images.  Flowers for instance have long been a favorite among artists, as have leaves and even puddles. Then there are animals which make for dynamic, powerful and enigmatic muses. You can combine these things too – showing animals in their natural habitats surrounded by fauna for example.

When you learn to see inspiration all around you, you open up a huge world of opportunities for creative expression and incredible sketches. It is then that you will be truly channeling the natural beauty all around you – so start learning how to create drawings of nature today!

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