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They kill with their narrow and segmented tail which is equipped with lethal poison. Scorpions look vicious but these creatures will most likely want to be left alone.

They are found in almost every terrain on the planet except in the cold regions of Antarctic and this is evidence that scorpions are hardy and well-suited for any kind of environment.

Have you ever wondered what does a drawing of scorpions really mean? Scorpions and other strange critters may not be your favorite but to some people these creatures are a symbol of strength, immortality and even beauty. What!? Yeah, it's true.

Scorpions are anthropoids (resembling humans) that have a predatory nature which means they hunt for prey.

But why the interest in scorpion drawings? People whose birthdate fall on the Zodiac sign Scorpio may find scorpions symbolic. Scorpions are known to be curious, secretive, powerful and determined.

People that are born under this sign are also caring and devoted therefore anyone falling for a Scorpio should never underestimate their charms! And because of these symbolisms Scorpions are more likely to get scorpions as tattoos.

Scorpion drawings are also a perfect way to study the morphology (form and structure of organisms) of an arthropod with special interest in the scorpion’s slender tail that has a forward curve along with all the other parts of the animal that seem to be unique from all vertebrates.

A Drawing of scorpions will educate people that know nothing about the creature and because of this, are deathly afraid of them.

Scorpions are not just savage poisonous monsters but also have unique qualities. For instance, scorpions are also prey to larger animals and their thick exoskeleton (an external covering) provides protection from their predators.

Scorpions have two eyes just like us which are located on the top of the cephalothorax but they are also blessed with extra eyes, usually two to five pairs of eyes located on the front corners of the cephalothorax. The positions of these extra eyes may depend on how hard or how soft the soil where the scorpion lives.

A Drawing of scorpions show that the animal has only one tail or metasoma (posterior part of the body). The tail has about five segments and the sixth has the sting or the telson. This holds the venom gland along with the barb that injects the venom. But do you know that there are scorpions that are born with two tails? This is a rare genetic abnormality but some people celebrate this as a symbol of amazing strength and even terrible mystical powers!

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