Drawing Powerful Landscapes

by Hari Thoria
(Delaware USA)

Powerful Landscape Drawings

Powerful Landscape Drawings

When drawing landscapes, you should consider if the "bounding space" should be rectangle, square, round or some other shape.

You should not be bound by the usual rectangular landscape if a circular bounding box would fit in better. This "bounding box" is also called a "picture plane."

Starting off with your horizontal plane is your best bet as it has been like this for centuries past. So use the traditional one to start off with.

Many professional artists carry in their toolbox a small collection of postcards (plain) with a window cut in the middle for viewing their landscapes. They'll try several and vary the distance from their eye (yes, one eye) to see if they can get a great view of sections of their landscapes. This is where you can get several ideas from using these postcards.

Try it. Use the small window at first, vary the distance from your eye - hold it at arms length then bring it in closer to your eye. You can create powerful landscapes using these simple methods.

Another tip is to half close your eyes (squint) so you eliminate all detail and only see broad masses.

Roughly draw in the darkest pencil you have - then the half tone (gray) then leave large sections of your paper white. Squinting with you eye ask yourself "Does it all balance out?"

If so create a good landscape with color - and let's see it here on this page!

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Nov 02, 2015
Show more of your great work!
by: Jon

Nice work Hari...show more of your work when you have time. Drawing landscapes seems to be very popular. Although winter is practically here, I still manage to get out and draw a few things.

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