Drawing Problems in The Year Just Passed

by Polly DuPreeze
(Deville Kidderminster)

Land and Seascape

Land and Seascape

Well, the year is practically over with only a few more days to go. So what were your main obstacles or problems in your drawing this past year?

Here are some of the main problems asked by artists;
"How to shade with lines only using a pencil?"

Answer: The best way is to draw clean lines with a sharp pencil. Your pencils must always be sharp even with your very soft pencils like the 2B through to 8B, otherwise, your drawing will look 'unclean' and have that amateurish look. Hold your pencil between the middle finger, the forefinger and the thumb. And holding it like this will not smudge your drawing so much.

Check out Rembrandt van Reighn's drawings and notice how 'clean' his lines are and how tones (or values) made up of darker and lighter areas were created just using lines.

There were many questions about color. "what to mix certain colors with other colors?" Well, folks, this is a very big subject and color is a personal and subjective thing. At this point in time, I will write a few examples of color within a month to give you some pointers on the very basics e.g. mixing primaries to make secondaries and to make tertiaries.

If you want your paintings to be really good you have to know these basics very well.

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