Drawing Pumpkin Faces

Frightening With Beastly Originality

If you are going to be drawing pumpkin faces for an art project at school for grade or plan to enter your artwork in a contest, it makes sense to create something different and make your work stand out. Right? Well, scroll down the page and choose one or two of the Halloween masks...

Whether you are doing pumpkin drawings on canvas or drawing on the actual pumpkin, keep an open mind to clever ways to tackle your project and make your creation the best on the block. Lets examine your options for drawing on a rounded pumpkin surface and see what kind of imagination you have.

Drawing Pumpkin FacesDrawing Pumpkin Faces For a Great Halloween

Traditional Pumpkin Faces
Well, we all know what that is: triangles for the eyes and mouth and a jaggy-toothy sinister grin. However, if you wish to keep with the traditional look, make your pumpkin character stand out, try a few enhancements like adding straw for hair, put a party hat on his head or place a piece of food in his mouth. Accessories can add a lot to the image you wish to achieve and bring your master plan to life.

Cute Pumpkins
Moving away from the traditional triangulated face, you can learn to draw cute pumpkin faces beginning with a more rounded appearance with the eyes, nose and outline of the mouth.

Large oversized eyes create a sense of innocence, youth and surprise. Give your creative pumpkin face a new look with raised eyebrows and it looks like he just said "boo". You may also wish to experiment with giving your pumpkin some characteristics of animals such as slanted cat eyes, a pig nose, or a horsey mouth with big teeth. Adding a few whimsical facial features can transform your pumpkin from shabby to chic and win you first prize at the pumpkin contest.

Weird and Wacky Pumpkin Faces
You're a budding artist and you know how to think outside of the box. To create a clever pumpkin face, you just need to let your imagination run wild and go for it. Try a robot look, space alien pumpkin or a goofy likeness of a celebrity. Add accessories if needed and draft your ideas on paper before you begin. Wacky pumpkins are a real crowd pleaser and a good opportunity to let your artistic talents shine.

Drawing pumpkin faces can be a real hoot, especially when Halloween time comes around. Once you have drawn your pumpkin face, upload it here and share it with others in the Online Gallery.

Here are a few drawings you can use for Halloween, get your ideas flowing with really scary masks. Start off by copying some of these! Sure, they are not pumpkins but you can use some of these ideas!

Drawing Pumpkin Faces To Scare My Friends AwayDrawing Pumpkin Faces
Drawing Pumpkin FacesThis fellow does not have kind eyes, Watch him!
This Pumpkin Pie Does Not Scare at AllThis Pumpkin Pie Does Not Scare at All
This Pumpkin Pie Does Not Scare at AllHe is not exactly Handsome nor Scary

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