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Drawing Sketches is an amazing way to tap into the inner fountain of creativity and expression, a carefree undertaking that many of us lose sight of as we get older.

But it is never too late to return to the origins of our youthful imagination and pleasure of drawing. You doodle a lot don't you with your pen or pencil? Well why not try a few doodle-drawings to start off with?

Whether you are sketching a still life or inventing a fantastical creature from your imagination, drawing and sketching are healthy ways to flex your creative muscle.

Why drawings and sketches?

  • Some use drawing as a way to "zone out" or relax, giving in the complete wash and restorative power of our creative thinking
  • To create personalized and customized drawings to give as gifts
  • Draw and pen beautiful card designs for correspondence.
  • Use drawing as a therapeutic tool to deal with upsetting events
  • Doodling with your pencil is drawing, right? So doodle and draw purely with your imagination

Whatever the intention, drawing has many beautiful and beneficial qualities.

When we were children, many of us could pass long hours in the company of drawing paper and pencils, crayons, and markers. Often drawing from the abstract nature of the mind, we had a direct line of communication to our creative thinking, never fearing reproach or criticism.

As we became older, our insecurities sometimes led to giving up drawing completely, because we feared what others might think of our work. But recapturing a love for drawing sketches can happen today! By putting your pencil or pen to paper, you can again revitalize your imaginative side and stimulate the inner growth of your muse. Best of all, it doesn't mean an art school is the only way to developing and fine tuning your drawing abilities.

My online resources are free and dedicated to helping you create great sketches and charcoal drawings.

Whether you are interested in pencil sketching, pen and ink sketches, or charcoal drawings, simple instruction can help improve your technique. It can be difficult to reproduce the fantastic nuances of our mind's design but with practice and mastery of the basics, you can come closer to creating the fantastic replica you are hoping for.

While it is sometimes hard to return to a craft we have long deserted, with consideration and my help, you will soon be back on the road to creating beautiful works of art. And best of all? You'll soon be proud to share your inventive and considerate drawing sketches with your family members and friends.

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