Drawing The Human Form

by Shaunessy

Drawing The Human Form

Drawing The Human Form

I've been attending classes on drawing the nude for awhile now and sometimes it seems easy and other times it can be frustrating.

I tell you why; We have these"warm up" poses which are only 30 seconds which is just enough time to get a few lines drawn in. You are supposed to get just the very basic form, absolutely no detail - ha! We don't have time to breathe let alone detail!

We then go on to one minute poses, then up to five and so on. The long poses last half an hour and even that is too short for me.

But when you are drawing with full concentration, time flies past at a rapid rate.

Drawing the human form is quite tiring and you can feel quite exhausted at session end.

If you want to really improve your drawings, you must take up life drawing. I've been told many times that if you can draw the figure well, you can draw anything.

By Shaunessy

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