Drawing Tip of The Day #2 Keep Your Lines Clean

by Jollyon Hooley

Albrecht Durer Drawing

Albrecht Durer Drawing

Keep Your Lines Clean

Don’t forget your warm-up exercises before you start your drawing—use your hands, wrist and arm to draw with one smooth stroke with your pencil.

If you only hold your pencil between your fingers you’ll just have a messy line. Whereas with a sweep of your whole arm, wrist and hand you're moving towards being a pro.

Don’t believe that?

Check out Rembrandt, Durer and other great artists on how they drew their lines. They certainly did not use multiple lines to suggest one form or another.

Clean lines make a clean drawing—unnecessary lines make for a poor drawing.

Okay, try this as an experiment; draw a line of some object nearby, something simple only using your pencil between your fingers.

Now try another line using your hand, wrist and arm. Now compare your two lines.

Which one is more dynamic?

When you start any drawing only use one line. (if it does not look quite right, do not erase it. Draw another line next to it). This is only an exercise. Does the second line look better?

Clean lines make a good drawing, multiple lines to express any form you are drawing, makes a messy image.

Have a look at some of the “old masters” drawings. Copy a few and see if you can learn how they mastered their drawings.

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Dec 01, 2015
Thanks Jollyon For These Tips
by: Jon

We can learn much from you Jollyon and look forward to hearing more tips from you.

I am going to ask the list here what they'd like to learn from you. Perhaps sometime you can expose your drawing portfolio?

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