Drawing Tip of the Day 6 December 7 2015 Scribbling

by Jollyon Hooley
(Cocoa Beach)

Scribbling Freehand

Scribbling Freehand

Scribbling is not just scribbling randomly on a piece of paper—it requires a deliberate positive action in thought AND of the hand and wrist.

Notice how young kids scribble without any thought of an end result. Have the urge to get creative with the technique of mastering rhythm and co-ordination—without any thought of it becoming a work of art.

For those who are a little shy of showing their artwork, scribbling will enable you to gain more confidence and the only person you have to please is you! So do not give a hoot what others’ may think of your drawings.

Same applies to doodling which can inspire you to be more creative as you see forms or faces appearing in your “abstract” doodling or scribbling shapes.

Did you know Leonardo was inspired by a blob of paint or scribbling marks on some of his rough sketches? It seems to be a certain freedom of self-expression. Leonardo could play with any form or scribbles and it would come to life.

As I always say when you are drawing, “go bigger” then go bigger still with your scribbles! You will see quite a difference in your drawings with more energy and vitality.

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Dec 07, 2015
Hey Jollyon, I did not know that about Leonardo
by: Jon

It is probably a nice relaxing time to scribble in your sketchbook and not think of anything else. Could this be called "timewasting" or being productive.

I wonder how the "Laws of Attraction" would comment on the scribbles? I mean when you think of scribble, what enters into your mind?

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