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by Mary Boucher

Georges Seurat Painting

Georges Seurat Painting

We covered this subject about a week or two ago. Then we called it "pointillism" or in other words, a drawing or painting made up of a series of dots.

It works very well with a painting but not so well with colored pencils. Pastels are also worthwhile trying as they can be quite opaque.

An example of this technique is getting your brightest yellow paint and the brightest blue (ultramarine is usually the brightest) and place a series of yellow dots on your paper, on one side of the paper and on the other side do this will the blue.

As you move towards the middle, you lessen both the yellow and the blue as they run into each other, almost touch in the middle as the blue "invades" the yellow and the yellow invadeds the blue. This takes a bit of practice to go get the right visual effect.

Now you pin this on your far wall and as you walk aways from it until the dots should merge and become green. This is where a little experimenting comes into play to get it just right.

There's a famous Frenchman by the name of seurat who was a master of "pointillism." So look at some of his paintings on Google Image search.

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