Drawing Tip of the Day: Learning How to See

by Maggie Lefluer

Cool Sketches in Pencil

Cool Sketches in Pencil

We are all unique as humans--each and every one of us! We all have different backgrounds, we've all been educated in our own uniques way.

That is why we all see things differently. Many of us can see and even "feel" three dimensional forms while others on see in 2D. Many artists who only see things in 2D have what is known as a spatial problem. Everything we see or perceive has a dimension.

As you draw and sketch every day, your visual awareness opens up and you become more aware. If you have something like a square block of wood about 2 or three feet, if you hold it so it is pointing away from you, you then see it receding in "deep space" and, as you follow the edge of the plank, you will see it as a "perspective" view where it disappears on the horizon line.

You and everyone in the class will see this differently depending on your skills in drawing things in perspective. Not only that, but also your emotions come into play -- if you are feeling happy your drawing will be alive--and if you are sad, well, you know it is not going to be good.

As you practice more every day, you pick up these small nuances as your awareness becomes more in tune with whatever you are drawing.

Thanks for reading,
Maggie LeFluer

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