Drawing Tip of The Day: >>Negative Shapes For Accurate Drawings

by Jollyon Hooley
(FLA West)

Negative Shapes

Negative Shapes

Drawing Tip of The Day:

Here is a quick tip for getting an accurate drawings of whatever your subject matter is. For example, if you are drawing say 3 or 4 chairs, you would draw the shapes BETWEEN the legs—and if there was a shadow of the legs you’d draw the shapes in-between the legs.

I’ll see if I can obtain a drawing to show you exactly what I mean. To put it into other words, you may have several objects on your writing desk—say your monitor and printer.

You will see a space between them—now observe those spaces and draw ONLY those negative shapes. Then continue to draw the printer and monitor and you will find your drawing quite accurately.

Another tip is to draw objects without looking at your drawing but only the objects as you run your pencil over your drawing paper—do not look at your drawing at all. No cheating now! Let’s see how well you have done!

January 10, 2016

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