Drawing Tip of The Day >>No. 16 The Elements of Color

by Celest McDonald

Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Colors

Most people do not have a clue about the basics of color. Sure, some of them are good at choosing complimentary colors that work well with their furnishing.

But have a look at their dress sense with color combinations that are off the wall! (unrelated color to anything)

There are major problems in selecting colors that work well together. As with many things in the arts and craft fields, it takes skill to make colors look "right" in certain environments.

A lot of color choices boil down to subjectivity and that in turn depends on your experiences and even emotional knowledge e.g. where you fell in love with a girl whose dress was a lovely soft green.

In general aesthetics there are a few "rules" and laws of color--you could almost call it "the Science of Color"

It has often been said "If you, unknowingly are able to create masterpieces in color, then un-knowledge is your way, then you'd better look for knowledge.

Who dictates color fashion? It could be (and usually is) a current pop singer like Madonna or Miley Cirus or the latest rapper wearing a bright cerise shirt with unmatching socks. Some of these ugly combinations go viral on YouTube.

Want to know more about color? I'll be spouting more color theories if you just hang around a bit longer!

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