Drawing Tip of the Day No.16 >>Art Exposure

by Marlene Agastino
(Greek Isles)

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Drawing Tip of the Day No.16 Art Exposure

Well, did you achieve to create any great pencil drawings this year? Good enough to hang in your local gallery?

Perhaps you have goal for 2016? My suggestion to you in this coming year is to get all your drawings on this site;

www.drawing-pencil-sketches.com This is where you can get plenty of exposure—but not only there—you must also load your artwork up here; www.etsy.com and www.deviantart.com

Your work will get 1000’s of views. The best place of all is to start pinning your work on Pinterest. Re-pin other artist’s work if they are in the same category.

On Pinterest you can find the most popular works of art and pin yours on the same page. Check out some of the stuff I’ve posted there; www.pinterest.com/saqarra and, if you have a website, you can get direct links back to your site.

So you can see how much exposure you can get without leaving your studio!

I get notified of “alerts” by Google on abstract, contemporary, drawing, sketching, sculpting and many other genres of art. I load this on my fan page—so get your fan page built! Exposure! That’s what you need on Facebook and other social mediums.

Have fun and do well for 2016

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