Drawing Tip of the Day. Number 10 Create Cool Collages

by Peter Deveroux
(PeterLee County Durham)

Collage of Pier on Coast

Collage of Pier on Coast

Create Cool Collages

A collage is a technique of a pictorial image made up of magazine, newspaper cuttings with photos and text, pages from old scrap books you have lying around or anything with a pattern or just a newspaper report.

That’s all you need is a medium size pot full of glue and a large piece of paper say about 18 inches square. That’s it!

The first step is to get out your sketchbook and do a few thumbnail size sketchesof ideas you may have for a pattern. I suggest you start off with a landscape design as you won’t have perspective issues—but choose anything you like—maybe a still life or animal.

If you start off with a landscape, draw in some basic rough lines where the horizon line is (about a third of the way up, then the sky, trees or barn shed-—hey, whatever you like, it is your artwork.

Now cut out a chunk of paper from your magazine, or cut several and place them anywhere near the lines you have drawn in.

Do not worry about how it looks; leave the worry until you have completed the entire piece with glued-on paper. Make most of the foreground darker than the upper half which will be the sky.
Start plastering the upper half using a different type of picture or text you used in the foreground. Keep slapping it in and if you do not like a certain area, you can always stick something over it--until you are happy with it.

I want to show you some designs here which you can try out and have fun copying it or creating your own art. Then you must load it up on this site for the group to give their critique.

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