Drawing Tip of the Day: Number 7 Contrasts in your Drawings.

by Jollyon Hooley
(FLA West)

Portrait of Cow's Head

Portrait of Cow's Head

To create a masterful drawing, one needs to know something about lost and found edges. These give your drawings depth and volume.

A “lost” edge is where your lines or shading disappears into the background . . .lost in other words. A “hard” edge tends to thrust itself forward and defines “itself” as being the forerunner.

A really back edge leaps forward and the softer it gets recedes further into the background. You will notice this in Rubens drawings.

Theses “edges” are easier to create with a brush and paint but it takes much more work with pencils.

If you place black forms or objects against white you will get the maximum contrast which thrusts that particular area forward and as you lighten the black to dark grey or darken the white you will get that area to recede further back.

This is how you can control how you audience will rest on various interesting parts of your artwork.

To make it simpler, if you place a white dot on a completely black canvas—your eyes will immediately go to that white spot.

Put 2 white spots there and you have a little competition—or a fight between the two dots. Having a series of these spots placed on a canvas will control your viewer’s path through the painting.

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Dec 09, 2015
Thanks Jollyon again.
by: Jon

I think some of my students are learning from you!

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