Drawing Tip of The Day Number 7. Texture and T-shirtd

by Marjory
(Donnington UK)

Texture and T-Shirts

Texture and T-Shirts

Texture in drawing and sketching has visual appeal rather than a rough feel. Drawing of course does not lend itself to impasto. If you are trying to achieve a tactile feel on drawing paper—you’ll find it will not be effective—so your texture has to be visually enticing to the eye.

This is not easy to achieve unless you are master of texture effects with the pencil or crayons.

Much of the time if you want to get great results is to mask areas—almost like masking as you would for spraying. For good results you should try re-masking over your previous work to produce exquisite effects. I will be showing you how to do this soon in a video.

In the meantime, get yourself some quality colored pencils and try blending various colors especially if they are opposites (complementary). These are great exercises to help you with your color schemes.

As I mentioned in a previous article tip, color combinations are more important if you wish to sell your paintings or drawings than your compositions. Get both right and you have a winner.

You can get very rich pastel colors—in fact, much richer and deeper than your colored pencils. Only problem is they are a bit messy but they blend in seamlessly unlike colored pencils.

I have not used colored pencil in quite a long time. My favorite medium is acrylic as it is fast drying and I can slow the drying time to 24 hours or more, therefore my blending usually comes out okay.

Don’t forget to load up your artwork on site here but PLEASE crop your image without all the background clutter taken out. Professional artists do not leave their kitchen sink showing in the background. Be professional.

Marjory Benson

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Dec 08, 2015
Thanks Marjory
by: Jon

Thank you for your contribution on Textured T-shirts.

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