Drawing Tip of The Day number 8 < December 10/2015

by Jon Saqarra
(Planet Earth)

Pure Abstract

Pure Abstract

If your drawings are bound by formal composition, they will not be very successful—they’ll just be ‘okay’ but boring.

Your compositions should not resort to routine thinking either “That I did it this way before and it was successful!”

You must be free to those moment of vision and insight which we all have from time to time—to be manipulative with your compositions. Can you see how following routine habits can thwart your creativity?

Composition is a general term and wide open to interpretations—therefore only a small part of drawing.

Composition takes a bit of intuition along with your ability and drawing skills.

You have to decide how much to put into your composition—or how much you are prepared to leave out.

I have seen too many times a great painting on an artist’s easel thinking “Wow! That’s great stuff!” Then taking a look about an hour later to find the artist has completely destroyed his art. He overworked it to hell!

If only artists would realize when to stop and not keep dibby-dabbing with their brushwork.

My suggestion is “Guys and Gals, take a break and go outside for 10 minutes then come back and see if it really needs any more work to be done!

Many artists have this compulsion to keep adding more and more until it becomes a dog’s mess when the artwork loses all its vitality.

I have to say, I am guilty with this also, but I am learning all the time!

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