Drawing Tip of The Day: >>Painting on Walls (Murals)

by Jon Saqarra
(The Rockies Colorado)

Paint Murals For Fun and Profit

Paint Murals For Fun and Profit

Drawing Tip of The Day:

No, This is not Graffiti, it is known as murals. Murals usually painted on interior wall but now becoming popular on exteriors walls. Want to try your hand at it?

The usual way of painting these is to start off painting on canvas then transferring it by cementing it on your wall. If you are good at it, you can put $1000,s into your pocket—gotta get a name for yourself first.

Mural painting is a distinct part of painting. I used to do many interior murals when I lived in Arizona. I did one house in a marble effect using feather-like brushes with grey and black on white with soft hints of color. My client loved it as it looked like the real Italian marble…do she invited all her friends to have a look.

That is when the demand for my murals spread like wildfire and I could not keep up with demand.

I was pleased in a way because it paid so well but more importantly I was getting quite a variety of murals to paint. This took me eventually to Boulder, Colorado where I made it my home.

If you are keen to do this type of work, my suggestion would be to get employed by a muralist who paints both interiors and exteriors. You will learn all the basics from canvas and wall preparations, to how to get your perspective correct at eye level, type of paints to use, keeping surfaces a flat mat—i.e. no glare or reflected light.

Exterior murals have to stand up to cleaning especially in the cities. The weather is another adverse conditions both for working outside and for the media (probably now polymer colors) which has to survive harsh sunlight and below zero temperatures!

With murals you can’t go wrong if you use imperishable materials like glass mosaics, tesserae stones, glass and ceramics. So you’ll have a full set of available materials to create stunning effects. And you know-people love those huge murals—and these would be images of anything and everything.

I’ve done beach scenes, animals and birds, acanthus Greek scrolls, paintings of Michelangelo, Da Vinci and contemporary art stuff—so you have to be pretty versatile. The fee for a square foot can range from five dollars to 500!

C’mon, get painting in your area, make home owners elated with your work!

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