Drawing Tip of The Day: What is a Pantograph?

by Jon Saqarra
(Rocky Mountains)

If you want to increase the size of your drawing, you'll have to buy a Pantograph!

You can enlarge quite a lot depending on the size of your pantograph! You can also reduce the size.

It was originally devised are a "lazy tong" which is made up of four strips of wood (see illustration).

These strips are hinged together in a square so they overlap and adjusted according to what scale you want.

The end of one of the strips is anchored to the table or drawing board - then the four can be moved in unison.

You can quite easily make one yourself in about an hour. Go to Google search box on "How to make a Pentagraph. Once you've built it, enlarged a few drawing or even photos, you will be hooked!

Here is URL from YouTube on making a pantograph! Copy and paste into your browser:

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