Drawing Tip of The Day: What's Cubism? Can We Use It?

by Charlese Venter

Picasso's Woman

Picasso's Woman

Drawing Tip of Day: So what is Cubism?
It was a marvellous art movement which started in 1907 and continued for a few short years to 1924 just after WWI.

The leading artists were Georges Braque and of course Pablo Picasso. Cubism had several stages of development: Facet Cubism where the artist started to separate objects from human figures in geometric elements.

Then along came Analytical Cubism where the artist was liberated from all forms which was followed by Synthetic Cubism. I don't think any other cubism type follow except by a few artists in the 20th Century.

Cubism interest was spiked by Cezanne, Seurat and, to a lesser degree, by African sculpture.

You know they used material (cloth) sand and other funky materials of the day. There was enormous hostility to using such material despite the fact that the movement became an epochal throughout FRance and the Western art world.

I would study up on Picasso's use of form with line and paint. There is much to know and learn from Cubism.

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