Drawing Tips of The Day Draw Things as You see Them

by Marcus Delane

Vintage Car of 1927

Vintage Car of 1927

Get in the basic structure of the item you are going to draw.
The first step is to draw the dimensions and proportions accurately so your object will be realistic. When you become a master you can then manipulate your lines to create art like Matisse.

For an accurate rendition of your vase in your “still life” you must be able to observe accurately. So you will observe the basic structure first. Get that right first. Here you are training your eyes to “see” things which may take a bit of your time to really master.

Start off with a simple box with 8 points of reference (each corner of the box) Now get your single point perspective worked out which is fairly easy as shown in an earlier tip.

Whoever claimed that a faithful duplication of nature is an artistic feat and therefore worthy of being called art? That of course is nonsense!

With little practice anyone can faithfully draw in accurate dimensions—you can hold up your 12 inch rule and measure so it does not take an awful lot of skill to master.

Learn to draw realistically first and then move into the wonderful world of self-expression like Picasso and Matisse.

Practice drawing the 4 basic forms observing the basic structure of each: they are the cube, the cylinder, cone and sphere.

Soon I will be putting up the basic structural forms found in nature.

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