Drawing Tips of The Day: Drawing With Children Jan2016

by Merkle Batiss

Drawing is a very natural human things to do, like speaking or communicating in one form or another. There is a lot of value placed on speech in the US whereas drawing has practically no value at all.

Drawing “is something children do to pass the day until they start schooling in Grade 1. A Drawing assignment is nearly always given to young kids as it gives the teacher a break (same with watching TV).

In Many schools, the drawing time decreases as the child gets older and in some Grade 12-ers. Drawing is dropped out altogether. What effect does this have on a child’s creativeness?

As drawing is a natural response this urge should be stimulated. What do you think would happen if all children were nurtured for creativity? Would it affect their speech --as drawing is a means of communicating?

Children’s minds that are stimulated are basically more aware and therefore superior in most human endeavors. Have a look at some of the “greats” in human history—even recent ones like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others—just read up on their bios.

You will discover they were not suppressed in their quest for knowledge, know-how and creativity.

The bottom line is that anyone can draw except for those who have been stultified by parents and teachers in ”The right way to draw—and the wrong way to draw!”

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