Drawing Tips of The Day: >>Etching or Printmaking

by Andrew Murphy
(San Antonio)

Drawing Tips of The Day:

Sometime when you have advanced your drawing skills, you may have the urge to create copies as promotions for your artwork. Sell them on Etsy.com or other art websites. This can be a big advantage to you.

This is also classified as “printmaking” and often the finished product can look even better than your original drawing.

Etching is a simple process of using a little acid to engrave the surface of your metal plate. Do not be scared of using acid (usually called a mordant) where you can etch directly even with a pen.

Some of the results have been fantastic when drawn directly on the plate.

All etching is a chemical process and does need a little care and attention. This is not like the mechanical methods of creating a raised design on a surface such as engraving.

Drawings can be made by an etching process with a steel knife or needle through a thin coat of acid-resistant stuff where you can obtain it at a Michaels Store.

When the design has been drawn on the plate, the edges are protected by an asphalt type varnish.

All types of classical effects can be obtained in this manner.

Let me know if you want more details of this method. Once you know the tech, you will be hooked on this process.

I can give you lots more information in a step-by-step process—if you are interested...just drop me a line here.

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