Drawing Tips of The Day: >>Monotype Prints Jan. 2016

by Betty Goodwin
(Zulu Retreat RSA)

Monotype Print

Monotype Print

Drawing Tips of The Day:

I bet not many of you have tried this monotype printing where you can create some really exciting abstract paintings!

The basic technique is painting on a smooth sheet of glass and transferring the still wet painting to a sheet of paper or canvas. You rub the back of the paper with a smooth-ish piece of wood—or even your hand, to transfer the paint. You can also do your painting on a smooth polished metal plate—or even textured glass for stipple effects.

Use any type of paint that does not dry too quickly; I suggest acrylic with a retardant that slows things down a little. Some of the original paint remains after the transfer so different colors can be used—and no 2 prints will be the same so they are unique.

Once you start monotype printing, you will love it because the results can be outstanding.

Betty Goodwin
Monotype Printing Expert

PS: I will upload some of my prints here soon.

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