Drawing Tips of the Day No.12 Basic structures

by Bunny Sinclair
(Monterey MX )

Examples of Shading

Examples of Shading

Examples of Shading
Bottle For Practical Exercise on Shading

To follow on from yesterday’s tips of the day—anything you draw has a basic structure. The four basic shapes are; the cube, cylinder, cone and the sphere. They all have height, depth and width (in other words also volume.

I recall I used to draw a cone first and then convert with a few details, an ice cream cone—or a cylinder to a coca cola can.

Drawing lines freehand without any mechanical aids like a ruler—remember there is vitality with a hand drawn line over one using a ruler. Hold your pencil in the way it is more comfortable—like the palm of your hand.

BUT you have to learn how to hold a pencil if you are going to draw lines from top left to bottom right or from top right to bottom left. Try it. Feel the difference when holding your pencil drawing these lines on both angles.

Ever noticed in Leonardo’s drawings how most of his lines were drawn from top left to bottom right—that’s because he was left-handed! He certainly was a master in drawing any repetitive angles from any directions.

Will you please practice drawing lines as described in the above—from top left to bottom right—and from top right to bottom left. Okay, let’s see if you can do this drawing exercise. Draw the outline of a bottle and then do ALL THE SHADING with only circular movements of your pencil. Do it in one continuous movement. No cheating!

See examples in the illustration on the top of this page (if I can find one).

Let me know if you are enjoying any of these tips nearly every day!

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Dec 15, 2015
Bunny - Very helpful tips
by: Jon

I've had good feedback on some of these daily tips on drawing and sketching. Keep up the good work and please send more work through.

Thanks, Jon
December 2015

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