Drawing Tips of The Day >>No.14 Simplified Skeleton

by Delores Sanchez

Coyote on The Prowl

Coyote on The Prowl

It is unnecessary for you to learn the tiniest detail whether you are drawing the human figure or an animal skeleton.

Of course you can’t just roughly draw detail and hope to draw well. I have to harp back on the old masters and say they did not glide over the smallest details.

A stripped down animal skeleton will have the barest essentials. Try and remember some of the names for the main skeletal parts of an animal – any animal.

E.G. The basic bone structure of a dog. The Maxilla which is the main part of the skull, you have the spine made up of X number of bones, then the two bones in the front legs—the radius and ulna and the back legs the tibia and the fibula. That’s all you need to know for the time being.

These are all basic names for most 4 legged animals.

The muscles get a bit more complex but the basic form in dogs remains pretty much the same. Then you have to consider how the forms (muscles and fur) are connected.

I will illustrate these in another tip of the day. It is a lot of fun to draw animals especially those in action—and this is when you need to know some of the basics that animals have.

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Dec 22, 2015
Thanks Delores
by: Jon

Thank you for your contribution. Please upload some of your animal drawings here!

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