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by Lin Carter

A Simple Drawing of a Bird

A Simple Drawing of a Bird

Yes, what Really is a Work of Art?

In General terms, this may well include all forms of human activity, from communicating, written words, objects, construction of big proportions, to miniature artworks. There is no limit. The only limitations are within the human mind-and there of course should be no limitations!

There are many definitions of art in current use. One of the best definitions I’ve heard is “Art is the Quality of communication.”

Have you ever asked yourself “What is the purpose of this painting I am working on now?” Does it carry a message? Is it thought provoking? Does it have emotional impact? Does it say anything specific to the viewer or audience?

Honestly, do you start off with a plan in your mind before you paint in the very first brushstroke? Or do you plaster paint on in a random fashion hoping it will look great when you have covered up all the white canvas?

Okay, you do have a plan, great! Do you feel your drawing skills and painting ability can carry you through to a complete work of art? Does this art have an emotional impact with you and your audience?

Are you painting for a specific market e.g. portraits, pet paintings, abstracts, flowers and so forth? This is where you need to go outside of your art skills and get to know a little about marketing your art.

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