Drawing Tips of the Day What we can learn from Castiglione

by DPS

Castiglione MasterCraft

Castiglione MasterCraft

Here is Castiglione with his Lost Genius Show in Denver Colorado.

We have been chatting recently about lost and found edges to either bring the edge nearer or let it recede into the back—in other words, give it a lot more depth.

Here with “Lost Genius” of Castiglione he uses only a fine pen to achieve a 3D effect—with all the same thickness of line.

Notice the contrast between the rim of his hat where it meets the forehead above the right eye. But also there is similar and maximum contrast the eyes and the white of the eyes.

Castiglione“ Lost Genius” is a masterworks on Paper from the Royal Collection which features 90 of the finest examples of his drawings and etches, painter and printer.

Notice the masterful cross-hatching in the hat, hair and beard—the lines follow the contours of the form below it.

Note the small short lines with the shading on his face. We can learn much by studying his Masterworks.

So get out your pen (or quill) and ink and let’s see if you can copy this exactly. It will not take you long to master this drawing technique.

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