by Ella Waberski
(Santa Monica)

My thoughts on drawing and sketching are these:

Drawing is referred as visual art which is created by using different types of drawing tools to create two dimensional art.

The tools which are used for drawing are wax color pencils, pen and ink, stylus, graphite pencils. Crayon, ink, brushes, charcoals, pastels, chalk, and markers—you can also use silver point metals for wonderful effects.

Most common material used for drawing is paper and pencil, but other materials are also used like leather, plastic, cardboard and canvas. The drawings which are drawn on a black board or white board are known as temporary drawings.

It is commonly referred to as planning by marking guidelines on the paper. The old method drawings contains only small amount of color but the latest colored pencil drawings know no boundaries on painting and drawing.

Most of the draftsman use their hands and fingers to draw but some handicapped people can draw by using their feet or mouth. Before drawing a picture, a draftsman will check what kind of tools and media will be needed for the drawing etc. Ink drawing artists always use hatching and cross-hatching as well as small dots to give shading.

The things which are needed for drawing are table, eraser and pencil sharpener and for the ink, blotting paper is required. Other materials are ruler, circle compass, and set square.These are not absolutely vital with all hand-drawn sketches because often a freehand style has much more vitality than mechanical things like a compass.

Shading is also one kind of method which is used by artists who are sometimes called draftsman.

If you want to be really good at drawing, you have to practice nearly every day. Therefore I believe you must have a passion for drawing with pencil and paper.

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Aug 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

I agree with you 100%, I love to draw every day:)

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