Drawings of Angel Wings

Angel Wings Drawings

Drawing Angel Wings The Easy Way

Angel wing drawings easy to drawAngel wing drawings easy to draw

Drawings of angel wings can mean many things to many people. In Europe, if you go into a diner and ask for angel wings, you'll be served up with a deep fried doughy substance resembling pastry (or something unmentionable) which looks nothing like angel wings.

Angel wings are a favourite with tattoo artists especially created for the ladies who love them instead of the delicate wings you see attached to a "divine messenger" or heavenly angel.

There are many styles of angel wings going back over 500 years from Raphael to Botticelli—and guess what? The style from that early period until now has changed little—still drawn and sketched with the inverted V shape with gossamer-like delicate wings.

If you would like to draw angel wings, start with a large upside down V shape, see illustration below for guidance.

Step number one:
Draw this basic V shape, nothing too fancy as these are guidelines only. Copy these wings with your pencil or pen until you can do it blindfold!

Then step Two:
Follow the same contour as your first which gives the direction of the feathers.

Next Step Three:
Draw a few lines as shown to indicate where the feathers end and round of the ends. Notice the feathers get smaller nearer the tip.

Final Step:
Erase all your original guidelines and sketch in some shading where one feather overlaps another. If you want to see the other wing (the mirror image of the left one) you will have to trace it to keep it accurate, then flip it over and align it up with your first one—like the one below.

Here are sketches created in PhotoShop. Some of them look good as a tattoo but that depends on the artist and where it is on your body. These are just basic designs which can be elaborated on. There are literally thousands of Angel Wings but I can only show a few here.

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